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Why MtEvans.Com: This site was developed because no one else had developed a quality site about Mt. Evans. Mount Evans has always been one of Colorado best-kept secrets! Residents of the Front Range, most notably Denver, consider it their mountain and have frequently said, "I hope your work does not attract too many tourists!" Well, I hope it does and with the support of 2 local merchants, Echo Lake Lodge (really a gift shop and excellent restaurant), Call of the Canyon Cabins, cabins on the road to Mount Evans, and a few Google ads this website will continue indefinitely. I hope you support our sponsors and when you visit them, let them know that you, "Found them on the Mount Evans.Com Internet Site!"

The construction of this site involved more than 30 trips to the Mountain each seasons. Many trips start at 4:00 am to be on the Mountain at sunrise. Over 1,000 pictures are taken each year to bring you the finest possible photographs. For every picture, you see on the site, there are dozens more of equal quality that were not used. There is still work to be done. There are animals, areas in the Mount Evans Wilderness Area and around Idaho Springs that I have not photographed. I hope to shoot many of them this year, or maybe I'll save them for next year.

Karl Snyder — Web Wrangler.

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