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Chicago Basin


Chicago Lakes Basin as view from the Summit Lake Overlook.

This view is a short 1/4-mile hike from parking area. Please do not confuse "Chicago Lakes Basin" with "Chicago Basin" that is located in the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado.

Top of the Chicago Lakes Basin as view from the Summit Lake overlook. This photograph was taken from approximately the same area as previous picture.

Chicago Lakes Basin from Walter Pesman Garden area. Park at the Walter Pesman parking area and cross-country hike (no marked trail) approximately 1 mile over the tundra to an overlook at approximately 12,700 feet. This is not an easy hike as you are walking across the tundra at about a 30-degree angle and the ground underfoot felt as if I was walking on baseballs. If I were to make it again, I would carry a walking staff, notify others of my travels and take along a hiking companion.
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