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The Crest House -- The Castle in the Sky


"The design, by architect Edwin Francis, is unique in its interesting combination of organic, futuristic, and art modern elements that reflect not only its time period but illustrate an adaptation to its western, mountain-top setting" Leslie Wildeson, State Historic Preservation Office.

The Dream is Built
When constructed between 1939 and 1941, the Crest House was the highest structure in the world, at 14,260 feet above sea level. It was designed to symbolize the high sky and was built in the shape of a star with large windows overlooking Denver. Interior light had round globes that resembled the moon.

Doomsday, 1979
On September 1, 1979, a propane explosion destroyed the Crest House and a piece of history was lost forever. Amidst, the rubble and twisted steel beams, the arched wall and star shaped platform remained intact.

A New Beginning
In 1992, the Arapaho National Forest began to stabilize the remains and convert the Crest House into an observation platform. Now, the "Castle in the Sky" is a place of contemplation for visitors to Mount Evans.

Looking for Salt in all the wrong places
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