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Road to the Stars --You Made It!
The "Road to the Stars" is the highest paved road in North America. Construction of the road from Echo Lake to the summit began in 1924 and completed in 1930. During construction, workers used ropes to pull themselves and their equipment up and down the steep cliffs of Mount Evans. Provisions for the workers included a two-month supply of bacon and beans.

The Mountain Park
The road to Mount Evans was the first major road in Colorado designed specifically as a scenic drive. In 1912, Denver engaged Frederic Law Olmsted, Jr., a landscape architect of national reputation, to design a 100-square mile mountain park on the Arapaho National Forest. Olmsted's vision for the mountain park now provides residents and visitors with outstanding vistas, scenery, and recreational opportunities.

Entrance Fees
For entrance fee information see: Planning Your Visit --Access Fees.
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