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Access Fees

# Of Passengers
(per vehicle)
1-12        $10.00
13-40        $25.00
40+        $40.00
Annual        $25.00
Motorcycles, Bicycles & Hikers     $  3.00
Holders of America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Passes (Annual, Senior, Access or Volunteer) AND valid (lifetime) Golden Age, Golden Access Passports     No Charge    
Travel Non-Stop on the Road No Charge

Access Fees for Bicyclers and Hikers HAVE BEEN DROPPED!
Bicyclers and hikers can enter at no charge.

Your pass is good for 3 days: date of purchase and two additional days.

If the fee station is closed, you can still gain access to Mount Evans by paying the $10.00 entrance fee at the mechanical collection machine. The machine will issue you a valid pass, so, if you are coming early or late and purchasing a vehicle pass, please bring exact change. It will take Master Card and Visa, $1, $5, $10 bills, but only gives change for $5 or $10 for the personal pass in the new "gold" dollar coins. Fees are collected 24 hours a day.

The National Park Passport is not valid at Mount Evans. You can upgrade your National Park Passport to the equivalent of a Golden Eagle Passport by purchasing hologram sticker for only $15. The sticker is available at the Clear Creek Ranger Station (in Idaho Springs) and at the Mount Evans entrance station.

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Mount Evans is Managed by the
Clear Creek Ranger Station:

303-567-3000   (8:00am to 4:30pm)
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