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Medical Considerations


Be aware of these high altitude-hazards.

Altitude Sickness:

Regardless of your fitness level, "lightheadedness" and disorientation often occur at this elevation. You may faint or underestimate other dangers. If you experience any of these symptoms avoid physical exertion and breathing to slow and to shallow. Exercise caution, return to a lower elevation. If symptoms do not subside, seek medical assistance.


If a storm approaches, take shelter immediately or crouch low with only your feet in contact with the ground. One of the safest places is inside your vehicle not in the summit restrooms as they have metal roofs that attract lightning.


When we check the weather in the summer in Colorado, we are usually given the Denver conditions. When it is 80 degrees in Denver, it is hard to realize that it will be 40 degrees on the top of Mount Evans. Why? Because when you go up in altitude, the temperature will drop 3 to 5 degrees per 1,000 feet of elevation. Remember to stay dry, wear a coat and hat on Mount Evans.
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