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Picnic Areas

There are no picnic tables located along the Mount Evans road (Hwy 5). There were plans to install picnic tables at the Mount Goliath Natural Area, but they have not been installed, and I doubt that there ever will be any.

There are some excellent picnic areas located along Hwy 103 near the entrance to Mount Evans.

East on Hwy 103 (towards Bergen Park/Evergreen):

  • 2.0 miles — Juniper Pass Overlook (Excellent View)
  • 2.5 miles — Eagle's Aerie (Excellent View)
  • 2.9 miles — Warrior Mountain
  • 4.0 miles — Cloudland
(Distances are from the Mount Evans Entrance Station.)

North on Hwy 103 (towards Idaho Springs):

  • 1.3 miles — Echo Lake Park (Denver Parks & Recreation)
  • 3.4 miles — Ponder Point
  • 5.3 miles — Chicago Forks (Highly recommended as Chicago Creek flows through the picnic area.)
(Distances are from the Mount Evans Entrance Station.)
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