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Bicycle Racing
(Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb)

The Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb (formally the Red Zinger Classic) for 2002 will be run on July 22, 2009.

The course climbs over 7,000 vertical feet in its 28-mile length. Starting in Idaho Springs, 35 miles west of Denver, you'll pass through climactic zones reminiscent of the forests of the wild Canadian North, ending in near-Arctic conditions on the summit. Will it be hot and sunny? Cold and raining? Snowing? Every imaginable weather condition can be found here, making the challenge all the more memorable.

For more information and entry forms about this years Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb, please see the Bicycle Racing.Com site.

Photographs were taken at the Walter Pesman Alpine Garden Trail parking area (12,152 feet).

Jonathan Vaughters (1st)

Scott Moninger (2nd)

1st Pack

2nd Pack
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